Project Collateral

Sep 05 2017

FOSS IoT Frameworks Review

This FOSS IoT Framework report presents the state-of-the-art in FOSS IoT middleware platforms and a comparative study of existing solutions. Such a platform is needed for building, managing, and integrating connected products in OCCIware's LinkedData Use case.  


Sep 14 2016

OCCIware White-paper

Discover OCCiware white-paper and learn more about OCCIware context, roadmap, and technology (OCCiware Studio and Runtime). 


Oct 07 2015

OCCIware Totem Roll-up

Download OCCIware totem roll-up image here (PDF)

TOTEM 85x200-OCCIWARE_2015_V2_ForPrint.jpg

Mar 04 2015

OCCIware FactSheet

Discover OCCIware unique benefits for cloud developers and integrators.


Jan 23 2015

OCCIware Project Logos

Please find in this section different versions of the OCCI logo, available for download. 

Screen Logos: 

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PNG Color Small

PNG Blue

PNG Black 

PNG White

Print Logos: 

PDF and logo Guidelines

RGB Colors

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