Oct 13 2017

Christophe Gourdin, Inria


Model driven development and formal approach are the core part of the OCCIware project. ...

Aug 22 2017

Amadou DIARRA, R&D Engineer, University of Grenoble Alpes (UGA)

Our contribution to OCCIware project is dedicated to QoS aspects. To reach this aim, we are building an innovative performance model based on machine learning techniques. ...

Nov 21 2016

Nabil DJARALLAH, R&D and DevOps Director, Scalair


OCCIware facilitates the delivery of cloud computing resources, regardless of the standards and technologies used by different Cloud platforms and through the various layers (i.e. XaaS). ...

May 12 2016

Mehdi AHMED-NACER, Researcher, Telecom Sud Paris

"In the past decade, there has been a plethora of cloud resource management (CRM) interfaces : OpenStack, CloudBees, OpenShift, Cloud Foundry, etc.  Due to the heterogeneity of cloud offers, interoperability between CRM-API and portability of cloud management applications, cloud computing standards are increasingly required". ...

Jan 23 2016

Iyad ALSHABANI, R&D Manager, ActiveEon

 USE Media Macro instead this one 

Sep 09 2015

Pierre-Yves GIBELLO, Research Engineer, Linagora

"In a near future, applications won't be any more deployed on servers, but on flexible architectures : cloud and internet of things will converge, bringing new usages as they emerge". ...

Aug 05 2015

Marc DUTOO, OCCIware Project Leader, Open Wide
"Cloud is supposed to make information systems more agile but standard fragmentation is a barrier to agility". ...

Feb 24 2015

Jean PARPAILLON, Research Engineer, Inria

"Aside from the difficulty to choose between one standard or another, the current standards are not able to embrace the growing variety of services that exists in the cloud computing domain." ...