Project Information

A formal framework for the management of any digital resource in the cloud. 

PROJECT DURATION: OCCIware is three-year long collaborative project. The project started December 1, 2014 and will finish November 30, 2017.  

CHARACTERISTICS: OCCIware is a project funded by the French Fonds national pour la Société Numérique (FSN), and is supported by Pôles Systematic, Minalogic, PICOM, Images & Réseaux, Solutions Communicantes et Sécurisées


The OCCIware project aims at proposing a formal framework, model-driven and associated with tools for managing every kind of computing resources as services. This framework covers all steps from modelization, design, development, simulation, deployment, execution and administration of cloud computing resources.

Work Packages:
SP1: Project management
SP2: Foundations (Technical Architecture ; OCCI Formal Model ; OCCI Dedicated Language ; OCCI Resource Models)
SP3: Eclipse Toolchain (Meta Model ; Text Editor ; Grahical Modeler ; Simulator ; Generators and connectors ; Decision support the transition to the cloud)
SP4: Runtime Support (OCCI kernel ; Distributed Deployment, Monitoring, supervision ; Administration Console ; Non functional properties)
SP5 : Demonstrators and Use Cases (Datacenter as a service, Deploy@OCCIware ; Big Data/HPC ; Linked Data as a Service (OASIS)
SP5: Communication, dissemination (External Communication ; Scientific & industrial dissemination, Dissemination to open source communities ; Standardization)