Solution: The OCCIware Runtime

The OCCIware Runtime architecture has been designed to be modular and extensible, by authorizing the combination of different “OCCI Backends” behind a generic “OCCI Frontend''. This architecture can be easily integrated because it is independent from any programming language. 

The Runtime is compliant with the OCCI standard and is based either:
- on the full Java MART Server
- on the OW2 erocci project, a scalable and generic OCCI bus written in Erlang that federates multiple cloud runtimes ("backends") including Linagora’s Roboconf PaaS server and ActiveEon’s ProActive Cloud Automation multi-IaaS connector.

OCCIware Runtime Architecture


The runtime frontend is based on erocci. The core backends rely on VMware and OpenStack cloud orchestrators, Linagora’s Roboconf, ActiveEon’s ProActive Cloud Automation, and Ozwillo Datacore. 

OCCIware Runtime Backends